EMP ja Norra toetused

As a result of the survey carried out by Faktum & Ariko it appears that 27 per cent of Estonians at the age of 18 to 74 know that Estonia receives support from the European Economic Area and Norway, whereas the Grants are more known in smaller cities and boroughs and among people holding university degrees.

People that knew about the EEA and Norway Grants mentioned education, research and the social field as areas that receive the support. Among objects, projects and activities that receive support, culture, recreational activities, sports, schools, education and nature conservation were mentioned most. 12 per cent of the respondents had seen the logos of the EEA and Norway Grants. Television and the internet were named as channels where people mostly receive information regarding the Grants.

The survey was carried out in August 2013, the sample consisted of Estonian residents aged 18 to 74. The respondents were, in addition to the awareness regarding the EU Structural Funds, asked about the awareness regarding the EEA and Norway Grants, which objects, projects and activities are known, how the logos are known and what the main information channels are.

The survey can be found in full length on the website of the EEA and Norway Grants (in Estonian with a short summary in English on page 6).