Opening Conference 2012

As a result of the survey carried out by Faktum & Ariko in August 2014 it appears that 35 per cent of Estonian residents at the age of 18 to 74 know that Estonia receives support from the European Economic Area and Norway. According to the similar survey in 2013 awareness of EEA and Norway Grants was 27%, which makes the annual growth 8 percentage points.      

Within those of aware EEA and Norway Grants level of education showed the biggest difference: the higher the education of respondents the higher the awareness of the Grants.

Also the visibility of the Grants’ logos has arisen during last year from 12% to 21%.

The survey was carried out in parallel about the EU Structural Assistance and the EEA and Norway Grants and can be found in full length here (in Estonian with a short summary in English on page 4).