Estonian and Norwegian Swimming Federations started their cooperation in 2014 to compare experiences with giving children basic swimming skills. The cooperation immediately took off and already in March 2015 resulted in the introduction of the Norwegian methods in Estonia.

The Norwegian book "Let's learn to swim" (“Slik lærer du å svømme”) by experienced swimming instructors Ørjan Madsen and Per Irgens was translated into Estonian. Estonian version of the book was launched on 27 March 2015 in the swimming pool of Viimsi School. At the launch one of the authors of the book, Per Irgens gave a short lesson to a group of local children and explained the badge system, which motivates children to gain skills in water.

The launch was followed by a three-day course by the Norwegian Swimming Federation to the Estonian swimming instructors explaining the methodology in more details.

A recent study ordered by the Estonian Ministry of Culture concludes that the basic swimming teaching in Estonia needs a more unified approach and better methodologies than currently practiced.

In order to improve the situation, the Estonian Swimming Federation, Rescue Board and Lifeguard Association with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture will organise two-day courses for swimming instructors based on the methodology of the abovementioned book in different regions of Estonia in August 2015.

As the Deputy Director of the Estonian Rescue Board, Mr. Alo Tammsalu underlined Estonia aims at reducing the number of lives lost in water to the level of Nordic countries by 2025.