Children and youth at risk

The Ministry of Education and Research in cooperation with the Estonian Youth Work Centre announces the first call for proposals of the children and youth at risk programme for open youth centres, youth associations and hobby schools to apply for the support of joint projects.

Under the call for proposals, projects that develop youth- and youth work organisations and increase of their capability to involve children and youth at risk, apply preventative measures to children and youth at risk to contribute to the improvement of their learning motivation and academic performance, increase the competence of youth workers, associated specialists and volunteers, improve the availability of youth work services and implement knowledge based and evidence based intervention measures and -programmes are supported. The call for proposals is aimed at applying youth work measures to chidren and youth at the age of 7 to 26.

The total amount of the call for proposals is 868 201 Euros.  Applications can be submitted in the amount of 170 000 Euros to 868 201 Euros.

The deadline for submission of applications is October 14th, 2013 at 16:00 Estonian time.

The conditions of the calls and other information can be found on the website of the Estonian Youth Work Centre.