Children and youth at risk

The opening conference of the EEA programme "Children and Youth at Risk" will be held on June 5th, 2013 in Tallinn, Swissôtel.

The goal of the conference is to introduce planned activities and conditions of open calls under the Children and Youth at Risk programme.

At the conference an overview of the current situation of risks of children and youth in Estonia will be given. In addition to that, Norwegian experience will be shared and evidence-based practices in working with children and youth used in Norway will be introduced.

The conference is aimed at local governments, organisations acting on local level, educational and research institutions, prisons, NGOs, youth work organisations, hobby schools and their umbrella organisations, public institutions and politicians.

For more information regarding the conference please contact Mr Edgar Schlümmer, tel +372 735 0399, e-mail edgar [dot] schlummer [at] entk [dot] ee.