On December 4-7 an unusual Lumarca light sculpture will be presented in Estonia for the first time. The light show will run on the Vabaduse square between 16:00-23:00. The light sculpture is dedicated to the efforts in support to the Estonian children and youth under the EEA and Norway Grants. The authors of the light sculpture are light designers Eva Tallo, Priit Tiimus and Toivo Pärnpuu.

A good childhood lasts a lifetime. To ensure that the childhood or the youth is not darkened by anxiety, depression, violence, addiction or other similar worries, specialists of many fields in Estonia are forming a network to support children and youth. The network will connect parents, kindergardens-schools, youth centres, medical institutions and local governments.

Under the EEA and Norway Grants programmes “Children and Youth at Risk”, “Public Health” and “Domestic Violence” a broad variety of efforts are made in cooperation with the Estonian ministries, hospitals and organisations to strengthen the network supporting children and youth. Under these programmes many Norwegian specialists and organizations share their experiences about their work with children and youth at risk.

Lumarca is an unusual video installation created by Estonian designers Eva Tallo, Priit Tiimus and Toivo Pärnpuu. Using 4 kilometres of thread, the installation enables us to see 3D images and motion in an unprecedented way. With the help of projection, thousands of whorls of thread experience transformations into dazzling light rays. Various three-dimensional objects appear on these rays one after the other, seeming to hang in the air. Installation concept by artists and designers Albert Hwang and Matt Parker.