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Open Estonia Foundation is waiting for new project applications


NGO Fund

Open Estonia Foundation announces new open calls for NGOs.

In the open call for large-scale projects the following outcomes will be supported:

• democratic values, including human rights promoted

• advocacy and watchdog role developed.

Altogether 725 000 Euros is allocated as grants for:


The call for mobility projects under the scholarship programme is open again


Archimedes Foundation announces that the call for mobility projects under the scholarship programme financed from EEA and Norway Grants is open again. Through the call higher education student and staff mobility, thus promoting cooperation between higher education institutions, the labour market and research organisations in both Estonia and Norway are supported.


Two calls of the water management programme are now open!


The Ministry of the Environment announces the opening of two calls for proposals under the water management programme financed from EEA Grants.

Under the first of the calls studies on seabed and nature protection activities are supported. Under the second open call development of the methods for ecosystem services and restoration of habitats are supported.