children and youth at risk

The Ministry of Education and Research has announced a call for proposals under the children and youth at risk programme for development and application of inclusive educational organization model and appropriate intervention strategies in formal education system to improve the welfare of vulnerable groups of children and youth.

Non-governmental organizations, public institutions and authorities, county governments, foundations, universities and local governments of the Republic of Estonia are expected to submit projects in two areas: the development of inclusive educational organization and supporting children and youth at risk, and the improvement of educational counselling services, raising the competence of support specialists and development of assessment instruments for special educational needs. In order to meet the needs the applications should raise the competence of school teams and educational and social officers at local governments on inclusive school culture as well as identify the specific learning and behaviour difficulties and other risks at an early stage. Also projects that enhance the cooperation of school teams and schools, parents, local governments and counselling centres will be supported. As part of the projects training programmes and assessment instruments to different target groups can be developed.

The total amount of the call for proposals is 1 991 372 euros. The minimum grant amount is 170 000 euros.

The deadline for submission of applications is March 31st, 2014 at 16:00 Estonian time.

The conditions of the call can be found on the website of the Estonian Youth Work Centre.